The Bob Dylan quote

There is a line from a Bob Dylan’s song `IT’S ALRIGHT, MA` and it goes, “…he not busy being born is busy dying.” This is by far my favourite quote, as it keeps me on my toes all the time. Bob Dylan would clearly have something else in his mind, but apparently the meaning is pretty straightforward. What drives us the most is the one thing that we should stick to and pursue in a way till we get a call from the Chief from above. This is what I have learned from the quote. It’s all about feeling alive, isn’t it? Whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you meet, if you are not feeling reborn everyday, what’s the point of getting up anyway! The quote makes its way in everything I do that I like. It sneaks in while I am driving on my favourite roads, when I am travelling and exploring new places, when I am editing videos I have shot alone or with a friend, when I am writing (even these lines); the quote seems to be there all the time, like a strange ghost that scares you when it’s actually not around.

Bob Dylan has been a great influence on me. His exceptional work has been an inspiration to millions, me very much included. The man even seems extraterrestrial at times considering the number of great songs he has given us. All said and done, the quote will live on inside of me. It has to, I have to be busy being born.


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