Is love becoming a myth? APPsolutely.

All of us know Banksy, though very few people have actually seen him.  In fact, for quite a while nobody did. So, anyway! I saw a video the other day. It was about how social media has drastically changed us, and how it has made us indifferent to the world around us, that also includes our loved ones.

This new graffiti by Banksy says it all. I don’t want to get into the factual numbers, but couples are indeed immersed in love these days, not particularly with each other or with someone else. Mostly with their smartphones. Pretentious love is the order of the day for quite a lot of people in love. Smartphones seem to grab our eyeballs more often than the number of times we even breathe. There have been cases lately of couples applying for divorce because one of them is more interested in his/her tweet talks rather than being attentive to the sweet talks of his/her spouse. Couples are more worried about their phone’s capacitive touchscreen, and less about the caress around the narrow waist or on the broad shoulder.

The stretched horizon, the wide sky, the huge mountains, the tall trees; all of this has become smaller as compared to the 10 inch of swipe-fun. We just refuse to look up, some even while crossing the roads (God help them!). In that video the narrator happens to say, “Smart phones, dumb people!” Now, ain’t that true? It was an eyeopener of sorts, even for me.

Technology is awesome, it really is. If we need to blame anyone for our disconnection with the world around us, we have to blame ourselves. People around us are great GPS, if only we ask them. A diary is more fun to pen down our thoughts, if only we had one. How much joy can a Joystick provide! Field games is the real deal. Water is the best energy drink, don’t you think? Google isn’t the decision maker, you are. Google’s just a searching tool, it’s us who needs to find our next step. I can on and on about how we have drifted way away from our tracks. The point is, we have kind of swept the basics under the carpet, folded the carpet and dumped it somewhere in the basement. It’s that bad. I wonder how many written letters are sent these days. If you want to win a woman’s heart, write a letter, no matter how stupid it sounds when she reads it. A letter is the best known Emoji. Humanity is just in its primitive stage, we all know that, but the road most of us have chosen to go further and fast is actually putting us on a path that leads to a dead end, and we just might smash the wall badly when we get there. I hope we realize that soon, sooner the better. It’s not always about the APPlication, is it?


The Bob Dylan quote

There is a line from a Bob Dylan’s song `IT’S ALRIGHT, MA` and it goes, “…he not busy being born is busy dying.” This is by far my favourite quote, as it keeps me on my toes all the time. Bob Dylan would clearly have something else in his mind, but apparently the meaning is pretty straightforward. What drives us the most is the one thing that we should stick to and pursue in a way till we get a call from the Chief from above. This is what I have learned from the quote. It’s all about feeling alive, isn’t it? Whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you meet, if you are not feeling reborn everyday, what’s the point of getting up anyway! The quote makes its way in everything I do that I like. It sneaks in while I am driving on my favourite roads, when I am travelling and exploring new places, when I am editing videos I have shot alone or with a friend, when I am writing (even these lines); the quote seems to be there all the time, like a strange ghost that scares you when it’s actually not around.

Bob Dylan has been a great influence on me. His exceptional work has been an inspiration to millions, me very much included. The man even seems extraterrestrial at times considering the number of great songs he has given us. All said and done, the quote will live on inside of me. It has to, I have to be busy being born.