Psychedelic Me


Image source: Google.


Pushing science and logic to its limit, I dare

Or perhaps beyond the boundaries of acceptance

I bend the rules and bend my hair

I stretch the levels of people’s tolerance


I feel like a metaphor when I am defined

I just look the other way when I’m spoken of

Very few take me seriously, but I don’t mind

I really don’t lend an ear to all that stuff


Psychedelic me, what people don’t see

Psychedelic me, oh just let me be


It annoys them when their theories are defied

All of their black and white, colourless theories

I’ve died to earn all these colours, I’ve cried

I don’t need a theory to tell my stories


I keep my mouth closed and heart open

Some say and believe that I’m an introvert

Truth is, I refuse to speak to each and everyone

I conceal a lot, that way I am quite stubborn


Psychedelic me, what people don’t see

Psychedelic me, oh just let me be



  1. erikleo · April 18, 2014

    I like the picture! I’m still not sure how to post a poem on the Poetry Blog; help! 😉


    • nishantsamant · April 18, 2014

      Thanks! Courtesy Google. 😉
      You just need to post a blog first.
      Then put a tag of ‘DPchallenge’ in your tags section under your blog, which will link your blog to this Week’s Writing Challenge, which is about Poetry.
      Go to Over here, you will find this week’s writing challenge. In there, you can copy your blog url and paste it in the comments to get pingbacks on your blog.
      But, first things first, you need to write a blog/poem and tag it with ‘DPchallenge’.
      Hope this helps! 🙂


      • erikleo · April 18, 2014

        Thanks very much for instructions! I’m going to try now. 😉


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