Psychedelic Me


Image source: Google.


Pushing science and logic to its limit, I dare

Or perhaps beyond the boundaries of acceptance

I bend the rules and bend my hair

I stretch the levels of people’s tolerance


I feel like a metaphor when I am defined

I just look the other way when I’m spoken of

Very few take me seriously, but I don’t mind

I really don’t lend an ear to all that stuff


Psychedelic me, what people don’t see

Psychedelic me, oh just let me be


It annoys them when their theories are defied

All of their black and white, colourless theories

I’ve died to earn all these colours, I’ve cried

I don’t need a theory to tell my stories


I keep my mouth closed and heart open

Some say and believe that I’m an introvert

Truth is, I refuse to speak to each and everyone

I conceal a lot, that way I am quite stubborn


Psychedelic me, what people don’t see

Psychedelic me, oh just let me be


Transcending Light

Transcending Light

And while we expand our dreams

of endless psychedelics

a beam of light penetrates us

and then stretches across the horizon

over which happiness awaits

leaning on the cozy evening sky

standing cross legged with hands folded

almost teasing us for our lack of effort

to reach out for it

An Evening of Boats


Cluster of Boats

There I was, standing on the pavement, right above the muddy waves that lashed the high wall of The Gateway of India. It’s indeed a rejuvenating place to be at, especially in the evening when calmness fills the air and you get more than a minute or two to think about the day that has already gone by. The sea was calm, too. The large ships weren’t looking large enough, as they were far off almost sitting on the edge of the horizon. The grey mountains stood still, looking over the entire stretch. Sailboats and yachts were floating cohesively. It was picturesque. And in one small, modest corner, a cluster of boats floated with joy, all tied together with ropes. Like kids in kindergarten, they jumped on the waves and lost balance on a few occasions. They also did look weary somehow. Their relationship with the sea might be that of an old couple in their eighties. Whatever their age, they seemed young at heart. The cluster was beautiful and unforgettable. Transfixed, I kept on staring at the blue, white and yellow colours those boats exhibited. I am scared of water, as I didn’t give too much attention to swimming. But, looking at those boats move gently on the surface of the water did not scare me one bit. I wish to revisit that place some day soon, perhaps just to see those boats float with joy.