Colaba Street Market

Double-Decker bus on the streets of Colaba in South Bombay.

I love South Bombay! Its spacious, and comfortably escapes the clutter the rest of the city is glued to. What strikes us the most is the enduring buildings built by the British way back then, which even today look better and stronger than the ones built less than a decade ago. The southern part of the city is indeed an area flocked with lot of tourists, and for good reason, too.

There is another reason, though, why tourists and even the locals love to visit South Bombay – the Colaba Street Market. This place exudes Indian art and the city’s culture. Being a street market, you can bargain as much as you like, but at times you don’t feel like slashing the price for the piece you’re buying looks absolutely stunning.

Antique lamps


If you keep your eyes wide open, there is a shop that sells antiques. Do take a halt here even if you aren’t planning to buy anything at all. Roll your eyes over beautiful lamps, old revolving-dial telephones, Beatles-print compass, old binoculars, and even gramophones. So, if you’ve got a liking for historic artifacts and want to brag about its exclusivity, this is where you should hop in.

Accessories for Women


This is another shop where bargaining can go to the limits, and what you end up buying is something which is not just exclusive, but extremely beautiful.

You maybe a college girl, a newly married wife or an experienced working woman in her forties. This is your stress-buster. You will find these shops in plenty in this part of the world, simply because of the endless demand for these wonderful accessories. From delicate earrings to heavy bracelets, from long traditional necklaces to modern toe-rings. You name it and they have it. If you are into ethnic collection, the dazzle these shops profoundly emanate will not miss your attention.

You can try as many accessories you want and hang around for as much time you want. You can compare prices in different shops, all at a stone throwaway and even keep a tab on upcoming products the shopkeepers keep introducing every now and then.

This is every woman’s paradise. Surely. Every time I visit the Colaba Street Market, I find people thronging outside these shops that sell accessories at dirt cheap prices. So, if you haven’t planned a movie on a weekend, and before you fly back to your own country, visit these shops that will definitely bring a wide smile on your face.

P.S.: They have accessories for men, too, though not as much as the ones for women, but you won’t be disappointed. Men and boys in their teens can get some funky leather wristbands, rings and some cool Bob Marley stuff.

Hand-painted traditional artworks.


If you are a tourist, and love Indian art, this shop is tailor-made for you. Paintings of Buddha, Lord Ganesha and various other traditional art forms are on display here. The price is neither too high or too low. Moderation triumphs in this place. Yes, the painting won’t be as exclusive as a M.F. Hussain or a S.H. Raza, but it certainly looks creative enough if you are planning to gift someone or frame it for on that vacant wall in your bedroom.

Most of the paintings are done on cloth, and are done with acrylic or poster colours. You won’t get to meet the artists, but you can surely browse each and every painting at leisure. It’s an open art gallery, so to speak, where paintings are stacked on one another. The beauty of each painting lies in the effort and the colour schemes put in use by the respective artist. They don’t sell frames, so if you happen to buy one, the shopkeeper would probably roll the painting, wrap it in a newspaper and give it, guaranteeing its safety verbally. But, if you are getting a hand-painted traditional Indian artwork at a cheap price, I doubt anyone would complain. So, select one and you can take home a bit of India, and a large amount of satisfaction.

The Colaba Street Market is a hot-spot for buyers who are looking to buy something exclusive and interesting without being spendthrifts. Cheap wristwatches, footwear, handbags, bag-packs, clothing, sunglasses, it’s a plethora of shopping items you can choose from while your bank account gets hardly disturbed.


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  1. erikleo · January 4, 2015

    I’ve never been to India but would like to visit – the paintings look interesting.

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